Mi vida en las selvas tropicales


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B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Biology, UNAM, with more than 40 years of professional and academic experience in various Mexican and foreign institutions. I have had the opportunity to foster several generations of distinguished Mexican and international leaders in science.

I am currently Scientific Advisor at the Centro de Investigaciones Tropicales de la Universidad Veracruzana (CITRO, Tropical Research Center) and University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Botany, Emeritus of the University of California at Riverside, USA.

I have more than 200 publications, and have participated in a multitude of diverse conferences, symposiums and workshops held throughout the world.

I have received several diverse honorary positions, including the following: Advisory Board Member of the American Institution of Biological Sciences (AIBS); Member of the Governing Body of the University of Veracruz; member of several national and international Academies of Sciences; Advisory Board member of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas; President of the Advisory Board of the El Eden Ecological Reserve; Member of the Executive Advisory Council of the Tyler Prize; Member of the Governing body of the Nature Conservancy; Founder and Interim Executive Director of the United States-Mexico Foundation for Science; Member of the Advisory Committee of the United States House of Representatives' Committee on Science, Space and Technology; member of the Advisory Council of the Smithsonian Insititution; Founder and member of Director Council of PRONATURA and PRONATURA-Veracruz; President of the international Coordination Council of UNESCO's MAB Program; Research Associate of Harvard University; Founder and President of the National Council for Teaching Biology; and President of Mexico's Botanical Society.

Recipient of several distinguished awards for his contributions to science, including the University of Veracruz's University Merit Medal; Doctor Honoris Causa of the Autonomous University of Morelos; selected by the Regents of the University of California as the 29th University Professor; and is recipient of the Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement; the Luis Elizondo Award in Science and Technology; the David Fairchild Medal awarded by National Tropical Botanical Garden; the Gold Arch medal by the Government of Holland; the Mexican Institute of Renewable Natural Resources' Alfonso L. Herrera Medal, and the Mexico Botanical Society's Botanico merito medal.

Some of the principal positions held by Dr. Gómez-Pompa include Advisor of the University of Veracruz for the creation of the Center of Tropical Studies (CITRO), Distinguished Professor of Botany of the University of California at Riverside, University Professor of the University of California, Director of the University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC MEXUS), Founder and General Director of the Institute of Research on Biotic Resources, Xalapa, Veracruz (INIREB); Chair of the Department of Botany, Institute of Biology, UNAM; Professor of Ecology and Botany in the Faculty of Sciences of UNAM; Director of the INIF Commission on Dioscoreaceae; and Botanist of the Farquinal Laboratory.

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Veronique Rorive
Center for Conservation Biology
University of California, Riverside